Kseniya Tokareva

Front-End Developer

About me?

- Woah, Woah. Front-end Developer?
That`s quite a statement.

I`m still learning, but since I made a couple of things (and this page is one of them!) let`s use this oh-so-serious title. Yeah, I can be quite verbose (that usually happens when I'm nervous).

- What do I know?
I know how to use google. That`s a pretty useful skill in a modern world, btw. but! jokes aside,
I can build things with HTML / CSS / JS use SASS, Gulp, MongoDB and ExpressJS.

My Works

  • Tribute Page (FCC Challenge)

    We all have to start somewhere, right?
    I started with FCC's tribute page.

    It`s about Hunter S. Thompson - an american writer & journalist.

    Highly recommend his books.

    Technologies used: HTML, Bootstrap

    Tribute Page for FCC
  • Quote Machine (FCC Challenge)

    My second 'serious' prject with FCC.

    Here I worked for the first time with API and JSON.
    Pretty simple, 2 buttons - you get a random quote and you can tweet it.

    Technologies used: HTML, CSS, jQuery

    Tribute Page for FCC
  • Weather App (FCC Challenge)

    My last FCC Project so far, weather app.

    After determining user's location, web-page shows current weather, using FCC Weather API.

    Technologies used: HTML, CSS, jQuery

    Tribute Page for FCC
  • Gllacy (HTML Academy)

    HTML Academy is a Russian-based online-school that teaches front-end development. This is a project I made during my studies.

    Our task was to turn two psd templates of a nonexistent ice-cream store into HTML pages.

    Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JS

    Tribute Page for FCC
  • Mishka (HTML Academy)

    My second project with HTML Academy.

    Another non-existent store, this time more difficult:
    We were given three pages, each one in three resolutions: mobile / tablet / desktop. I used SASS as pre-processor and Gulp to automate my workflow.

    Technologies used: HTML, SASS, JS, GULP

    Tribute Page for FCC
  • Memory Game

    Test task for SKB Kontur 2018 front-end internship.

    Memory is a card game in which all of the cards are laid face down on a surface and two cards are flipped face up over each turn. The object of the game is to turn over pairs of matching cards. (c) Wiki

    Technologies used: HTML, CSS, ES2015, GULP

    Tribute Page for FCC

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